Helpful Resources For Our Nonprofits

Working Remotely:

  • The foundation is providing free ZOOM accounts to organization currently do not have access to virtual meeting software. Email Patrick McKenna for more information.
  • Tech Soup has made their remote work course available to nonprofits for free. The course covers need technology, how to maintain data security and collaborating remotely.


  • [] Network for Good has a library of free webinars and resources focused on stewarding donors and raising funds.
  • As you look to build flexible funding, here is a guide to help make the case for general operating support from donors.
  • Bloomerang is offering free webinars on how to raise funds and work with donors during uncertain times.

 Health Care

Financial Tools:

 Connect to Volunteers:

  • Use our Catchafire platform to connect with skill based volunteers throughout the country.  Receive pro bono help on marketing, financial systems, technology, remote work planning and more.  Browse Catchafire’s COVID-19 Response projects.
  • -Mutual aid is a powerful way to build strong connections. Volunteer to help your local community and recruit volunteers near you.

Re-Opening Guide and Sample Plan

  • Click here to access a re-opening guide provided by OSHA.
  • The National Council of Nonprofits has an extensive resource library, including information and guides to re-opening.
  • ThinkHR has a library of templates to help guide your planning efforts.
  • Follow-up Peer Discussion -Thursday, June 4 at 1:00 pm we will be hosting a follow-up discussion to our Preparing Your Nonprofit to Re-Open webinar. Participants will join small group virtual discussions where you can share strategies, concerns and questions around re-opening. Click here to register.

Other Resources for Nonprofits:

Upcoming Connecticut Community Foundation Webinars 

Understanding Financial Heath & Planning Ahead in a Time of Uncertainty June 23 | 1 pm – 2:30 pm Presenter: FMA | Click here to register

In these unprecedented times, nonprofit organizations are experiencing a variety of challenges, including shifting staffing structures, sudden changes in service delivery or capacity, and potential losses across multiple revenue streams. These changes put the financial health and resilience of nonprofits at risk as they navigate the current reality while staying mission focused. This webinar will address critical areas of focus in a time of uncertainty and provide tools that can be used in the short-term. Topics include:

      • Grounding financial decision-making in your values
      • Understanding your current financial position and what resources are available
      • Levers to increase resources available for immediate response
      • Tools for cash flow for the short term

No-Event Fundraising; A New Perspective of an Old Paradigm June 25 | 1 pm – 2 pm Presenter: Sharon Danosky | Click here to register

For several decades, nonprofits have relied on events to raise money.  An event was the means to acquire new donors and inspire current donors to give more , which led to events growing in size and frequency.  During this same time, donor retention kept decreasing and numerous surveys and studies indicated that donors didn’t feel connected with the nonprofits they were supporting.  In many ways, events created a buffer between donors and their charities.

Without any events for the foreseeable future, there is an opportunity to approach fundraising from a new perspective – the donor’s perspective.  In this presentation, we will discuss the fundamental ways you can build relationships with your current donors, engage new supporters and create a more sustainable fundraising future.

Communicating Authentically – What Donors Really Want July 9 | 1 pm – 2 pm  Presenter: Sharon Danosky | Click here to register

Communications has always been essential – but it is now more critical than ever.  In a few short weeks, how and what we communicate has changed considerably.  We are moving beyond storytelling towards being more direct and authentic. In this Webinar, we will explore the communications lessons learned through the first months of COVID-19, discuss how to find our authentic voice and develop an actionable and effective communications strategy for moving forward.