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2014 Grants by Priority Area

Connecticut Community Foundation awarded its final round of 2014 grants to area nonprofits for program support, arts and youth, leadership initiatives, literacy, nonprofit assistance, older adult services, health and travel. Funding, which came from funds established by area donors, totaled over $360,000 and included grants from the Saunders Fund for the Sick and Infirm of the Borough of Naugatuck and the Southbury Community Trust Fund. Altogether, grants awarded by the Foundation in 2014 totaled over $2.4 million including designated grants and grants from donor advised funds.

In addition, Connecticut Community Foundation awarded $25,500 to 34 nonprofits during its third and final round of 2014 sponsorship grants for funding for public events in Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills hosted by nonprofit organizations. Altogether, Sponsorship Grants awarded by the Foundation in 2014 totaled $83,560. For a detailed listing of recent sponsorship recipients, please click here.

For more information, contact us at grants@conncf.org or 203.753.1315.

Environmental Grants

Round I

  • Audubon Center Bent of the River / National Audubon Society (Southbury): Forest Health Survey by Junior Forest Technicians (Summer Program) – $5,000 to expand a pilot program where students assist the land manager in establishing study plots in the forest, trail upkeep, and invasive plant eradication.
  • Connecticut Land Conservation Council (fiscal sponsor: CT Forest and Park Association): Land Trust Challenge Fund for CCF Service Area – $10,000 to competitively offer grants for the Connecticut Land Trust Challenge Fund Program to up to three (3) land trusts within the CCF 21-town service area.
  • Goshen Land Trust (Goshen): Fundraising Counsel for Land Acquisition Project – $8,000 to hire professional fundraising counsel to help develop a strong case for support, and to identify and qualify potential donors and conduct a feasibility study in preparation for a fundraising campaign.
  • Northwest Conservation District: CLEAN Watershed Solutions – $8,000 to increase local awareness and understanding of Low Impact Development (LID) principles, tools and environmental benefits. NCD will promote and facilitate the adoption of LID in each town’s land use planning process which will produce healthier, more environmentally sustainable and thriving communities.
  • Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (Woodbury): Marc Taylor Internship Program – $5,200 to further heighten community awareness and stewardship through community education and volunteer activities that will be performed in the inaugural year of the Dr. Marc Taylor Internship Program.
  • Prospect Land Trust: Property/Trails Improvements/Repair – $500 to maintain and improve the Prospect Land Trust properties including accessibility to the existing trails, erosion control and repair, so additional people can enjoy them.
  • Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust (Kent): Restoring the Still River Preserve through Place-Based Learning – $5,000 to partner with the New Milford Youth Association and others to turn last year’s occurrences of vandalism in the area into positive learning opportunities for students around restoring the beauty and ecology of the Still River Preserve.

Round II

  • Audubon Center, Bent of the River: Environmental Awareness Day – $500 for the sponsorship of an Environmental Awareness Day in Southbury.
  • Council of Governments of the Central Naugatuck Valley: Naugatuck River Greenway Economic Benefit Study – $15,000 for an economic benefit study that will determine the Naugatuck River Greenway’s effect on property values, brownfield development, local spending by greenway users, and health and quality of life. Recommendations will be developed for each municipality on ways to utilize this data for funding requests, greenway marketing strategies, residential and commercial development, and zoning changes.
  • Housatonic Valley Association (on behalf of Aspetuck Pomperaug River Partners): RiverSmart Project Year 3 – $14,000 for HVA and its partners (including include Weantinoge Heritage, Kent Land Trust, Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition, and Rivers Alliance) to collaborate for a third year to expand their media campaign for environmental awareness; finalize the RiverSmart Business pledge and engage business owners within the Aspetuck and Pomperaug; determine the impact of targeted landowner outreach where improvements to riparian buffers can protect river health; and identify the most desired and practical elements/actions of a broader RiverSmart Community.
  • Judea Garden (fiscal sponsor: Steep Rock Association): Summer Internship Program – $4,664 to double the size of the program with two interns working twenty hours a week for eight weeks over the summer. The summer internship program teaches the basics of organic gardening, connects the interns to the earth with hard work, and builds an awareness of need in their communities and the ability to do something about it by generating fresh produce for area service providers.
  • Long Meadow Lake Management Committee: Water Testing Equipment – $1,732.40 to purchase new testing equipment (YSI Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter) to monitor and improve the water quality of the lake.
  • Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition: Watershed Based Plan – $20,000 to update and upgrade the Pomperaug Watershed Management Plan (last revised in 2006), in accordance with federal funding eligibility requirements. The plan itself provides a road map for implementing corrective actions with the end goal being to remove impaired waters from the national impaired waters list by returning it to a “swimmable and fishable” waterway.

LitLinks Grants

Round I

  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford: Parents are Great Educators (PAGE) – $10,000 to re-launch the PAGE program which targets parents who have low English literacy levels with the goal of increasing the understanding and importance of play in developing pre-literacy skills.
  • Children’s Center of New Milford: Music and Early Literacy Skills – $6,000 to continue the second year of classes that focus on detecting rhymes, recognizing syllables, and recognizing first sounds through music.
  • Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance: Advocacy and Communication Program – $5,000 for direct outreach and communication to greater Waterbury early care and education providers with the intention of increasing local awareness of early education issues, providing access to the Alliance Communications Tool Kit, and better connect organizations with engagement on a statewide level in early education work.

Round II

  • United Way of Western Connecticut (UWWC): Imagination Library – $10,000 to support the expansion of Imagination Library to increase the number of families participating in New Milford and expand to children in Washington, CT. In addition, UWWC will administer pre- and post-test surveys about to participating families on the impact of the program.
  • Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc.: WYSS School Readiness Book Buddies – $4,882.40 to continue the second year of the Book Buddies program. Funding is contingent on implementing the program changes outlined in the grant reapplication and increasing the number of regular participants in the program.

P3 Grants:

  • New Milford Public Schools: Pre-K/Kindergarten Transition – $6,961.68 to continue collaborative efforts to improve literacy skills by empowering parents to be their child’s first teacher before kindergarten and through a series of community engagement and quality instruction efforts.
  • Thomaston Public Schools (Early Readiness Council): Town Collaborative Training & Creation of ELD Assessments – $8,700 to continue collaborative efforts to increase the quality of instruction in preschool and kindergarten, and to reach parents with information on early literacy. This grant will also extend the reach of the collaboration’s professional development to include infant and toddler staff in public and private early care centers.
  • United Way of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls (Naugatuck Discovery): Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Peer Mentor Initiative – $8,592 to continue collaborative efforts around pre-k through third grade childhood development. Activities will include parent engagement efforts throughout the summer and school year, increasing the number of peer observations that take place between pre-school and kindergarten staff, and continued outreach to increase participation on the community council.
  • Watertown Board of Education: Preschool Collaboration/Watertown Family Resource Center – $10,000 to continue programming including: parent outreach around literacy; joint professional development with preschool and kindergarten staff; hosting a kindergarten transition visit; running play groups for children who are entering kindergarten; and, collecting data on first sound fluency and the Dibels composite score.

Living Arts Grants

  • Girls Inc. of Southwestern CT (Waterbury): Creating Fashion – $10,000 to support an exciting new sewing/fashion program in our area. As the oldest girls club in the U.S., sewing was an integral part of the curriculum at Girls Inc. of SWCT for over 100 years; the goal is to revitalize it in a modern and relevant way for today’s youth.
  • Landmark Community Theatre, Inc. (Thomaston): Teen Theatre: Building Performance Skills – $5,000 for teens from Greater Waterbury and Litchfield County to receive direction at the Thomaston Opera House from respected artists and instructors in multiple areas of performing arts and stagecraft for approximately 30 sessions during each of the spring and fall semesters.
  • Litchfield Performing Arts: Community Engagement Through Music & Youth – $3,000 to establish an ongoing connection with the New Milford community through music and to show its elder care professionals how to improve their residents’ lives through music.
  • Mattatuck Museum: Mini Masters: Young Artists – $7,000 to support the Museum’s new collaboration with New Opportunities, Inc. (Early Childhood Division) on Mini Masters: Young Artists which will provide free on-site and off-site fine art learning opportunities to pre-school administrators, teachers, students and families.
  • Oil Drum Art, Inc. (Beacon Falls): Trash Drum Art – $7,200 to provide 20 schools / afterschool programs with prepped 55-gallon oil drums and a paint kit with brushes for students to paint with historic “first events” about Greater Waterbury.
  • Palace Theater Group, Inc. (Waterbury): Our Cultural Heritages – $10,000 to support expansion and continuation of the Palace Theater and CT Dance Theater’s collaborative after-school dance program for students ages 5-12. This program celebrates Waterbury’s diverse community by integrating dance with academic lessons in world history, geography and world culture.
  • Shakesperience Productions, Inc.: Our City, Our Neighborhoods (Year 2) – $10,000 to showcase Waterbury’s unique history, neighborhood by neighborhood, through the arts, and so transfer to the next generation a strong neighborhood-centric pride of place.
  • Waterbury Symphony Orchestra: Bravo! Waterbury Summer Session 2014 (Year 2) – $15,000 to sustain the work of the innovative Bravo Waterbury! music program through an intensive summer program.

Lois Livingston McMillen Memorial Fund

  • Acts 4 Ministry, Inc. – $1,105 to support Suit Yourself: Clothing the Inner and Outer Woman, an event providing women living in shelters and halfway houses with a day of pampering as well as workshops aimed at increasing self-esteem, resilience, and life building skills.
  • Children In Placement Inc.: CT Casa, Inc.- $ 5,000 to expand the program, which recruits and trains volunteers to serve as Court Appointed Special Advocates for children who have been removed or are in danger of being removed from their homes as a result of child abuse or neglect.
  • Community Mental Health Affiliates (CMHA)- $ 5,000 to provide evidence-based, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy to children exposed to physical violence, sexual abuse, and other traumas.
  • Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, Inc.- $ 5,000 to offer art therapy to adult survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in order to help them safely express and contain their feelings and cope with traumatic memories.
  • Susan B. Anthony Project- $5,000 to provide crisis and support services to battered and/or sexually abused women and their children. Services include emergency shelter and food, a 24-hour crisis line, counseling and support groups, advocacy in court and with social services, job search support, and emergency financial assistance.
  • Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc.- $ 5,000 to support a year-long Bridging Program to provide child victims of abuse and their families with immediate access to a short-term trauma-focused treatment program.

Nonprofit Excellence Grants

Round I

  • Family Services of Greater Waterbury (Waterbury): Consultants for Marketing/PR and Leadership support – $10,000 for consultant to help develop marketing plan and new materials for reaching out to clients, potential donors and partner agencies to inform them of the restructuring of the agency.
  • Girls, Inc. (Waterbury): Consultant for Strategic Planning – $6,500 to support consultant for strategic plan for 150th anniversary year. Agency will use the anniversary year to celebrate their past as the oldest Girls, Inc. program in the country and introduce their plan for the future.
  • Gunn Memorial Library (Washington): Website redesign, upgrade with new branding – $7,500 to support development of a new website that can handle more administrative and public contact functions. The upgrade will add new functions and interface with other library information available online.
  • Hunt Hill Farm Trust (New Milford): Computer network upgrade with Technology Solutions for Nonprofits – $10,180 to upgrade network to handle all aspects of the agency’s wide range of programs, including point-of-sale software to be integrated with TS4NP off-site network. Many manual tasks will be automated and they will have needed support and secure data.
  • Shakesperience Productions (Waterbury): Computer upgrade with hardware and software – $2,650 for upgrade of system that is currently running on used, donated equipment and has reached capacity. Some software versions are no longer supported. Upgrade will allow them to automate more functions and have access for staff on tour.
  • Staywell Health Care (Waterbury): Acquisition of Children’s Health Center from St. Mary’s Hospital – $13,000 for expenses in taking over Children’s Health Center so that services can continue in Waterbury.

Round II

  • Pratt Nature Center: Technology Conversion – $5,000 for expenses of converting technology support to a new vendor solution.
  • Village Center for the Arts: Technology Conversion – $5,000 for expenses of converting technology support to a new vendor solution.
  • Community Culinary School of Northwestern CT: Technology Conversion – $5,000 for expenses of converting technology support to a new vendor solution.
  • The Children’s Center: Technology Conversion – $5,000 for expenses of converting technology support to a new vendor solution.

Pathways for Older Adults Grants

Round I

  • American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter (Farmington): American Red Cross Prepares Seniors – $16,000 for disaster kits to be provided to approximately 1,000 seniors at emergency preparedness presentations throughout the CCF region. Training programs and follow-up contacts will assist seniors in planning ahead for disaster situations.
  • Brass City Harvest (Waterbury): Senior Nutrition and Cooking Program – $14,285 to offer nutrition education/ healthy cooking classes to older adults at five to six locations in Waterbury and Middlebury. Classes will be conducted by a nutritionist who will also offer individual consultations on meal planning. Will target seniors in census tracts with limited access to fresh food. Food ingredients will be provided to encourage follow through at home.
  • Danbury Hospital (Danbury): Seniors Lifestyle and Injury Prevention Program – $2,040 for presentations on fall prevention and home safety to be held at eight senior centers and libraries. Programs will be provided by the hospital’s Trauma Coordinator using a national model.
  • Falls Avenue Senior Center (Watertown): Strength, Sculpt and Tone – $3,000 for exercise classes that meet the needs of the center’s more active population. Classes will be conducted by a professional, certified instructor and will expand the range of fitness opportunities at the center.
  • Friends of the Goshen Public Library (Goshen): Senior Nutrition Series – $700 for four classes/cooking demonstrations provided by a registered dietician. The series will focus on dietary recommendations related to heart health and diabetes.
  • Goshen Community Care and Hospice, Inc. (Goshen): Town Conversation on Aging – $2,000 for a community engagement process to review assets, identify priorities and develop key action steps. The grantee is collaborating with the Town of Goshen.
  • Litchfield Hills Chores Service (Litchfield): Elderly Services Support and Outreach: Year 2 – $7,000 to support a portion of the Coordinator salary and chore worker wages that are not covered by clients or other payers. Services allow clients to remain safely in their homes. Many clients served are at risk, low income and over age 75.
  • Naugatuck Valley Project (Waterbury): Aging in the Community Project: Year 2 – $15,000 to continue community organizing efforts to address priority issues of senior high-rise tenants and their caregivers. Will also continue work on initiating a pilot training program for home care workers to increase quality of care and improve jobs.
  • Roxbury, Town of (Roxbury): On the Road Again; In the Know – $2,100 to support bus driver wages for senior trips and newsletter inserts to raise awareness about programs, benefits and assistance available through the Municipal Agent.
  • Southbury, Town of (Southbury): Town Conversation on Aging – $2,000 for a community engagement process to review assets, identify priorities and develop key action steps.

June Round

  • New Opportunities, Inc.: Waterbury BRASS Senior Programs Lead Agency (Year 3) – $55,000 to fund the BRASS Program Coordinator to: plan and organize programs for BRASS sites; publicize programs; evaluate programs and interests of older adults; and coordinate with site staff. Includes $10,000 for direct program costs.
  • City of Waterbury: Waterbury BRASS Senior Program Site (Year 2) – $4,500 – to assist with overhead costs of participation of the Waterbury Senior Center as a location for BRASS programs. Funds will be used for part time office support.
  • Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury: Waterbury BRASS Senior Program Site (Year 3) – $4,500 to assist with overhead costs of participation as a location for BRASS programs. Funds will be used for client transportation costs.
  • Mattatuck Historical Society: Waterbury BRASS Senior Program Site/Partner (Year 2) -$4,500 to assist with overhead costs of participation of the Mattatuck Museum as a site and provider of BRASS programs. Funds will be used for staffing, presenters, art supplies and other program costs. Silas Bronson Library: Waterbury BRASS Senior Program Site/Partner (Year 3) – $4,500 to assist with overhead costs in bringing programs to BRASS sites as well as serving BRASS participants on site. Funds will be used for hardware, software and other costs of teaching older adults to use technology.
  • St. Margaret Willow Plaza NRZ Association, Inc.: Waterbury BRASS Senior Program Site (Year 3) – $4,500 to assist with overhead costs of participation as a location for BRASS programs. Funds will be used for additional staff hours, extra building costs and transportation.
  • Waterbury Young Men’s Christian Association: Waterbury BRASS Senior Program Site/Partner (Year 3) – $4,500 to assist with overhead costs in bringing programs to BRASS sites as well as serving BRASS participants on site. Funding will be used for instructor fees for tai chi and chair yoga.
  • Western CT Area Agency on Aging: Waterbury Outreach (Year 4) – $55,035 to fund a full time Information and Benefits Specialist to assist older adults in Waterbury with health insurance, financial benefits and programs that foster aging in the community. In addition, offers group presentations, coordinates the Waterbury Senior Services Provider Network and holds office hours throughout the city.
  • Arts Escape, Inc. (Southbury): Fall 2014 Workshops and Programs – $5,750 to offer six concerts and arts programs in Southbury and Woodbury. Attendee costs will be very low and programs held during the daytime in order to expand cultural opportunities for older adults in the area.
  • Western CT Area Agency on Aging: Benefits Outreach and Community Options Counseling (Year 2 of 3) – $47,422 to employ part time Benefits Counselors for the CCF Region (outside of Waterbury) with an emphasis on towns where existing services are limited. Benefits counselors offer presentations and assist with health insurance, financial benefits and programs that foster aging in the community. The agency will also build local capacity through collaboration.

Round II

  • Audubon Center at Bent of the River: Bird Tales Year 2 – $20,269 for continued implementation of Bird Tales including three additional dementia care facilities in Southbury, Woodbury and Naugatuck and expanding the program at current partner facilities. Bird Tales brings the natural world to people with dementia and increases habitat for birds. Audubon is working to make this a national program.
  • Bridgewater Senior Center: Let’s Get Moving – $3,000 to offer weekly chair yoga and tai chi classes at the senior center for 26 weeks. Participants have expressed interest in this programming and will contribute unless unable to afford the cost.
  • Girls, Inc.: Senior Solutions Intergenerational Program – $5,000 to cover staffing costs, transportation and supplies for Waterbury girls (ages 8-16) to visit older adults in three residential locations to socialize, work on joint projects, share experiences and build relationships.
  • Goshen Community Care and Hospice: Senior Socials and Luncheons – $7,599 to support staff time and food to enhance weekly senior events. Project includes monthly luncheons, scheduling of speakers, information on health and safety, and outreach to attract new participants. In addition, two wheelchairs will be purchased for volunteer transportation program that provides rides for seniors.
  • Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury: Tables and Chairs for Senior Center – $1,233.30 to purchase 6 tables and 14 chairs to be used for meals, arts and crafts, and BRASS activities.
  • Litchfield Hills Chores Service: Fundraising Mail Solicitation – $3,000 for partial support of a fundraising drive to seek community donations and enhance financial stability of the organization. Services allow clients to remain safely in their homes.
  • Literacy Volunteers of Greater Waterbury: Memories to Memoirs: The Flood of 1955 – $1,100 to support printing of booklets, stipends and event costs for a memoir writing project on the Flood of 1955. Community volunteers will assist older adults in sharing their stories in writing and compile the stories into a book. The efforts of writers and volunteers will be celebrated at an event at the Mattatuck Museum.
  • Middlebury Public Library: L.I.F.E. for Seniors (Libraries Inspiring Fitness Education) – $3,000 for yoga and cooking classes to be held at the library for six months. The project responds to expressed interests of seniors. Informational materials will be available to complement the classes. Transportation is available through collaboration with the senior center.
  • Mount Olive A.M.E. Zion Senior Center: Senior Center Recreation and Transportation – $5,000 for partial support of senior center staffing and transportation.
  • New Milford Senior Citizens Advisory Board: WHEELS Computers – $2,500 to purchase two computers, printer, software, tech support and secure backup for the WHEELS office. WHEELS is a volunteer transportation program providing medical rides for older adults and people with disabilities. New computers are needed for scheduling rides, tracking donations, vehicle information and reports; data system will also allow WHEELS to manage Department of Transportation grants.
  • New Opportunities, Inc.: Chef on Site Year 2 (of 2) – $6,500 to continue providing healthy, restaurant quality lunches two days per week at Southbury, Woodbury and Middlebury Senior Centers. Funds cover incremental meal costs not supported by Federal funds or client contributions. Year 1 was successful in increasing lunch participation at all three centers.
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute – University of Connecticut Foundation (Waterbury): The Greening of Waterbury: From Planting to Harvest to Table – $3,000 for planting supplies for older adult learning and service project. The program builds gardening skills of older adults to directly benefit food insecure people in Waterbury. Partnerships allow for efficient distribution of produce and assist service providers in meeting fresh food needs.
  • Pilobolus, Inc.: Movement and Connection: Pilobolus Workshops for Litchfield County Seniors – $5,500 to offer four 12-session creative movement workshops for people 60 and over. Classes provide an opportunity for physical activity, creative expression, building relationships and enhancing self-confidence. Program will be provided in partnership with New Milford Hospital.
  • Pomperaug District Department of Health: BALANCE Year 2 – $18,000 to continue and expand Matter of Balance (fall prevention) and Diabetes Self-Management Workshops in Southbury, Woodbury and Oxford. Will continue to develop billing capabilities to sustain self-management programs. In addition, will act as a regional resource by expanding BALANCE to at least one other health district.
  • Rebuilding Together Litchfield County: Housing Preservation/Aging in Place Modifications Year 2 – $10,000 to purchase building materials and support contractual staff for home modification program that increases safety, habitability and accessibility of single family dwellings owned by low income older adults. Most repair and construction work is performed by volunteers. Last year’s funding allowed work to be done in 10 homes with 18 adults benefiting.
  • Shakesperience Productions, Inc.: Our Neighborhoods, Our City – Waterbury Interactive – $3,000 to bring a play about Waterbury’s neighborhoods to five sites where older adults can take part. The play builds an understanding of the history of the city’s neighborhoods and provides an opportunity for the audience to ‘talk back’ about the content and how to improve the city. Project provides an opportunity for intergenerational interaction.
  • Wolcott Senior Center: Town Conversation on Aging – $2,000 for a community engagement process to review assets, identify priorities and develop key action steps.
  • Wolcott Senior Center: Staying Active through Exercise – $3,000 for 52 weekly strength/resistance/balance training classes provided by a certified trainer plus purchase of resistance bands and hand weights.
  • Woodbury Senior Center: Blues-Busters: Beating the Winter Blues Lunch Series – $1,200 for speakers, food and materials for three monthly lunch and learn events to reduce loneliness and social isolation during the holiday/winter season. Program takes a positive approach and responds to requests from participants.

Pricilla Whittemore Travel Fund Grants

  • Boy Scouts of America Troop 140 (fiscal sponsor: St. Mary Magdalen Church): WINGS 2014 – $3,000 for Wings, an international event held at Windsor Great Park, England to promote a greater understanding between young people of the world.
  • Washington Montessori School (New Preston): WMS 9th Grade Cultural & Community Service Trip – $2,000 to support 8th grade students from WMS who will travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico to be of service on an environmental project there and work with other Puerto Rican Montessori school students in a variety of ways, such as volunteering in classrooms with younger students.
  • Wilby High School (Waterbury): Project Italy – $4,169 to provide students with authentic history, cultural and career experiences, providing a motivator towards higher education.

Saunders Fund for the Sick and Infirmed of Naugatuck

  • Family Services of Greater Waterbury: Behavioral Health Program – $10,000 to continue funding of the Naugatuck based behavioral health work that provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, counseling session, and crisis intervention for Naugatuck residents.
  • Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center: Participant Scholarship Funding – $25,000 to subsidize therapeutic riding activities, an unmounted equine assisted learning program, an integrated summer learning program and customized programs for local groups.
  • United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls: Empowering Naugatuck Children to Lead Healthy Lives – $20,000– to support the expansion of the Breakfast Club and Lunch Bunch, two programs that promote exercise and healthy habits for Naugatuck children.
  • Waterbury Hospital: Waterbury Health Access Program – $30,000 to support a second year of the program which connects Naugatuck residents with donated medical services, medical homes, transportation, and access to the state health insurance exchange.

Southbury Community Trust Fund Grants

Round I

  • Family Services of Greater Waterbury: Behavioral Health Program – $10,000 to continue funding of the Naugatuck based behavioral health work that provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, counseling session, and crisis intervention for Naugatuck residents.
  • Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center: Participant Scholarship Funding – $25,000 to subsidize therapeutic riding activities, an unmounted equine assisted learning program, an integrated summer learning program and customized programs for local groups.
  • United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls: Empowering Naugatuck Children to Lead Healthy Lives – $20,000– to support the expansion of the Breakfast Club and Lunch Bunch, two programs that promote exercise and healthy habits for Naugatuck children.
  • Waterbury Hospital: Waterbury Health Access Program – $30,000 to support a second year of the program which connects Naugatuck residents with donated medical services, medical homes, transportation, and access to the state health insurance exchange.

Round II

  • Pierce Hollow Village: Pre-Development Planning – $20,000 to support the development of low-income senior housing for Southbury and greater Southbury residents, and to leverage the ability for Pierce Hollow Village to apply for state funding to break ground on the project.
  • Arts Escape: Winter Workshops – $5,000 to support five art and cultural multi-week workshops for seniors, with the goal of enhancing participants’ physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Connecticut Food Bank: Southbury Mobile Pantry – $4,000 to support the Southbury Mobile Pantry that distributes fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries directly to Southbury residents in collaboration with Southbury Social Services and Southbury Senior Center.
  • Heritage Village Ambulance Association: Digital Narrow Band Radio – $2,500 to support the purchase of updated radio equipment that can communicate with the Connecticut Emergency Dispatch and is compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • United Church of Christ, Pilgrim Fellowship: Summer 2015 Mission Trip – $2,500 to support a week-long youth mission trip to Alderson, West Virginia.
  • Waterbury YMCA- Teens in Action – $5,000 to fund the fourth year of the Youth and Government program at Pomperaug High School.

Thriving Communities Grants

Round I

  • Cheshire Parks & Recreation (Cheshire): Therapeutic Recreation Summer Camps – $1,500 to help hire qualified staff, expand teen camp to a 4-week summer program, and expose the campers to new experiences.
  • Cheshire Community Food Pantry (Cheshire): Food Pantry Expansion/Relocation – $10,000 to support initial costs (planning/architectural/legal) to move the Food Pantry to a more suitable location that would allow for enhanced services to the Cheshire community.
  • Community Culinary School of Northwest CT (New Milford): Culinary Job Training / Food Distribution – $7,450 to be used towards two vital components of the program: food costs and the Chef Instructor’s salary.
  • Connecticut Association for Human Services (Hartford): Maintain and Sustain Waterbury’s VITA Program – $10,000 to support and reinvigorate our area’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, which is sponsored by the IRS in partnership with community based organizations, and provides free tax preparation services for low-income families.
  • Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries (Waterbury): Feeding Programs – $3,000 to support feeding programs (Soup Kitchen and Emergency Food Pantry).
  • Little Britches Therapeutic Riding Program: Roxbury Program (Instructor Salaries 2014) – $3,400 to pay for a certified therapy instructor in Roxbury, expanding and improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of people with special needs through the use of horses.
  • MILLA Project, Inc. (Branford): Partnership Effort to Build Capacity – $9,650 to support collaboration between MILLA Project, Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, and the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The aim is to provide crisis intervention, short term individual counseling, domestic violence/abuse prevention and awareness, accompaniment and advocacy to the Arabic speaking and Middle Eastern/North African immigrant community.
  • NW Connecticut Area Health Education Center (Waterbury): Youth Mental First Aid Corps. – $10,000 to improve health outcomes for youth who are experiencing a mental health challenge by providing workshops on how to identify mental health issues early and help youth receive the treatment they need.
  • Waterbury Hospital (Waterbury): Summer Bridge Program – $5,000 to support the hospital’s 2014 Summer Bridge Program, which affords students intensive academic review and hands-on, cooperative learning opportunities in a healthcare setting.

Round II

  • Brass City Harvest: Agricultural Nutrition and Youth Corps Development – $19,548 to continue expansion of BCH’s nutrition education and farmers’ market outreach to more food desert neighborhoods. It will also allow BCH to increase its organizational capacity with the creation of a Youth Corps Coordinator position that will develop a sustainable network of youth who can assist in agricultural operations as well as participate in area farmers’ markets.
  • Bridge to Success (fiscal sponsor: United Way of Greater Waterbury): Community Messengers – $10,000 to implement a grassroots program that will provide communication among parents in the city and help parents and caregivers find community resources. BTS will recruit Community Messengers to participate in an orientation and receive a tool-kit to help parents and their children prepare for kindergarten, improve reading skills, develop positive and healthy mental health, eat healthy meals, obtain legal and health services and health insurance, participate in after school and youth development programs, gain necessary job skills, and learn about job placement resources.
  • Center for Children’s Advocacy: Disproportionate Minority Contact Reduction – $4,000 to address the disproportionate rate at which youth of color in Waterbury are arrested in school, suspended from school and drawn deeper into the juvenile justice system without access to mental health care and related intervention services. The project will collect and analyze data regarding school-based arrests, school suspensions, access to behavioral health services and juvenile justice involvement. CCA will then work with local partners to develop, based on local needs and best practices from across the country, interventions to reduce disparities in these areas.
  • Children’s Law Center: Legal Representation Program: Waterbury Family Court – $5,000 to provide court-appointed legal counsel to indigent children whose parents are embroiled in high conflict family court disputes. CLC attorneys represent underprivileged children whose parents are embroiled in protracted, complicated and highly contested family court disputes of custody, visitation and divorce. In addition to the requirement of indigence, there must also be exacerbating conditions of violence, child abuse or neglect, substance abuse, mental illness or other physical/mental incapacity, incarceration, or other chronic conflict.
  • Church Street Community Services: Waterbury Youth Chorus – $4,200 to continue to grow the Waterbury Youth Chorus that was established in August 2011, and is open to students with all levels of musical skill in grades 2-12. Training in the chorus emphasizes the development of healthy vocal technique, music literacy, and musicianship skills, cultivated through practice and performance of a variety of choral music from a wide range of time periods.
  • Family Services of Greater Waterbury: Therapeutic Child Center Clinical Program – $5,000 to help support the Behavioral Health (counseling) portion of the Therapeutic Child Center (TCC). The TCC is a specialized, day-treatment program serving abused and/or neglected children between the ages of six weeks to six years who have been referred to the program by the CT Department of Children and Families.
  • Flanders Nature Center: Woodward Outdoor Learning Initiative – $10,000 (Year 2 of $30,000 grant) to continue support of Flanders’ 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign, one mission of which is to fully establish the Woodward Outdoor Learning Center.
  • Granville Academy of Waterbury: Youth Programs – $10,000 to educate and mentor inner-city youth with fundamental skills in business, finance, science and engineering. By gaining these skills, students will be better equipped to overcome barriers and assimilate into the economic mainstream. In addition to continuing programs, Granville will launch a workshop for students in grades 5-7, contracting with a specialist to conduct progressive workshops to create Role Model Characteristics and Behaviors for Academic Success.
  • Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries: Storage Outbuilding for New Site – $25,000 to purchase an outbuilding, which will provide critical food storage capacity for program operations at the agency’s new location on East Main Street.
  • Neighborhood Housing Services: Community Building & Engagement – $10,000 to support Community Building & Engagement work: an essential component of revitalizing and empowering our community through an inclusive approach that is central to effective community development. This program will cultivate NEWPAC residents to be engaged advocates for their community & mobilized to impact positive and sustained change.
  • Shelton Economic Development Council: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy – $10,000 to support the 2015 Naugatuck Valley Corridor Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) report, which is designed to guide the economic growth of the region and help create jobs, foster more stable and diversified economies, and improve living conditions.
  • Wellspring and the Arch Bridge School: SEEDS (Special Education & Development Services) – $10,000 to provide school administrators, special education teachers, teachers and para-professionals with strengthened communication skills and classroom management approaches in order to optimize behavioral competencies and academic improvement among students with serious emotional disturbances.
  • Young Men’s Christian Association of Waterbury: LIVESTRONG at the YMCA – $10,000 (from the Foundation’s Margaret Hallden Fund and the American Cancer Society) for a free, twelve week small group program designed for adult cancer survivors who have become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their cancer treatment and/or disease. The program is designed to help those affected by cancer regain strength, endurance and function that is lost through treatment, and gain emotional support to build self-esteem.