PPE relief for childcare workers

In Their Own Words: Easterseals

Easterseals is a disability services organization and a resource for families who face challenges with disabilities or another issue that impacts their ability to fully participate in a community.  Easterseals offers a variety of programs, but our COVID-19 Response Fund grant of $10,000 was directed to the Childcare Services Department.

We do not receive funding from the state.  Without the grant, we probably would have stayed closed and been unable to serve 17 families.  With the grant, those families knew their 26 children were in a safe environment while they went to work.  We have many essential workers in our community, working for emergency services, the post office, in health care, manufacturing, and the food industry.  We were really, really happy we were able to support them.  The team at Easterseals is passionate about serving the community and we’re proud of something someone said of us, “You have never seen a group that is more committed to the children and families that they serve than these individuals.”

We are exceedingly grateful for the $10,000 that we received.  We were able to provide the children with additional equipment and a nurse at the site each morning to make sure that the children and our staff were free from any symptoms.  The dollars really did help; parents who were under stress could have free, safe childcare with qualified personnel that would not have been available without the grant.