Grassroots Grants

Grassroots Grants

At a workshop hosted by Connecticut Community Foundation’s grassroots grants program, attendees learned tools and tactics for working together to advocate for community change.


  • To support equitable efforts to revitalize communities, influence local systems and foster youth leadership.
  • To support a robust and collaborative network of multi-generational residents working together to achieve shared goals.

Grant Eligibility

  • Grassroots grants are available to residents of Waterbury, Connecticut and to nonprofit organizations based in Waterbury
  • Applicants do not need to be a registered nonprofit to apply. We partner with Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury to be the fiscal sponsor for applicants who are not 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations with annual operating budgets over $150,000 are ineligible to apply.

Application Process

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but are only reviewed in odd-numbered months by the Grassroots Grants Committee. For example, for an application to be reviewed during the committee’s September meeting, the application must be submitted by September 1.  Applications submitted between September 2 and November 1 will be reviewed during the November committee meeting.
  • After receiving your grant application, we will schedule a time for you discuss your project with the Foundation’s Grassroots Grants Committee. This is a great opportunity for you to describe your project in greater detail.

Priority Funding Areas

  • Community events that create and strengthen bonds between people
  • Organizing and advocacy to effect change at the neighborhood level
  • Voter engagement
  • Educational campaigns on how to engage local systems
  • Youth-led projects

The Grassroots Grantmaking Committee


Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis but are only reviewed in odd-numbered months.  Apply

Previous Grants

Informational Flyer

Possible Projects

You and your local neighborhood association decide to host a block party for neighbors and residents to get to know each other and have a good time, for the purpose of community building. Funds can be used to create marketing materials, rent tents or hire a photographer to capture the event.

You and other parents work together to support more equitable access to educational services and programs for students in Waterbury. Grassroots grant funds can be used to rent meeting space, buy refreshments or create mailings to invite or educate others about the work.

You and your friends want to create a bipartisan website to share information about candidates in an upcoming local election, so the information is clear, accessible and provides ways to contact the candidates. Funds can be used to create the website, advertise or host candidate forums.

You and your classmates want to create a web series (e.g. a vlog) in which you discuss current events, share your viewpoints and invite local residents to engage in conversation. Funds can be used for a webcam, to create flyers or website content or to design branded items to distribute for free.

Bilal Tajildeen

For more information, please contact:
Bilal Tajildeen, Program Officer, | 203.753.1315, x106