Organizational Development

Connecticut Community Foundation is a partner in building stronger and more effective nonprofit organizations in our region, helping organizations develop their own methods in delivering high-quality services to area residents.

Catchafire: Connecting Nonprofits to Skilled Volunteers

The Foundation has partnered with Catchafire to create a virtual volunteer network which gives nonprofit organizations serving Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills access to passionate and highly skilled volunteers throughout the country—all at no cost to the organizations!

This new program connects nonprofits with talented professionals looking to give back to the nonprofit community with their expertise in areas such as marketing, web development, operations, strategy, and more.

The menu of 120+ pre-scoped projects, each with specific deliverables and project steps, makes it easy to find what you need and match with a volunteer with the right skills for the job.  View the Catchafire site.

Interested? Please contact Patrick McKenna to find out if your organization is eligible.

Nonprofit Advisory Institute (NAI)

A joint program between Connecticut Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Waterbury, the Institute connects dedicated volunteer advisors to nonprofits in our 21-town region in order to help strengthen them organizationally.

In the past, our NAI advisors have used their facilitation and coaching skills to help local nonprofits structure and implement projects including board development, strategic planning, volunteer recruitment, streamlining and updating financial systems and forming partnerships. Contact Patrick McKenna for more information.

Cornerstone Community Partnership

The Foundation provides resources and grant funding to help impactful nonprofit organizations tackle challenges and take advantage of opportunities over a multi-year period, aiming to create organizational stability and lasting community impact.


The Foundation, with the help of collaborative partners like the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation and the Alliance, provide learning opportunities and professional development for staff, volunteers and boards of nonprofits. These sessions not only offer information on the latest organizational trends and best practices, but also provide an opportunity to connect with other nonprofit leaders in the community.

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Articles and links for nonprofit leaders on topics including best practices, legal issues, grant writing, financial management and more.

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Technology Grants

Through a competitive grant process, the Foundation provides funding to nonprofits for technology, including hardware, software, web design and coding, and training. There are two grant rounds (spring and fall) each year.

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Permanent Endowment and Non-Permanent Advised Funds

We offer nonprofits the ability to create funds that we hold and manage as part of our endowment portfolio. We offer both permanent endowed funds and non-permanent advised funds. The former help organizations to establish and build permanent revenue streams, while the latter enable them to invest reserve funds or raise funds for special projects.

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Patrick McKenna
For more information, please contact:
Patrick McKenna, Program Officer, | 203.753.1315, x118