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Carah Menard

Administrative Assistant 203.753.1315, x105

Carah Menard

Carah provides administrative support and coordination across a wide range of administrative and programmatic areas, including facilities assistance, and communications, event support and general administrative support.

She interned at the Foundation during her last semester of her senior year in college, then went on to manage the office at a local nonprofit focused on environmental education and conservation of rare and endangered waterfowl.

Carah holds a bachelor’s degree in American studies with a minor in history from the University of Connecticut. She lives with her family in Colebrook.

Favorite Experience in Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills

I sincerely enjoyed my time at the UConn Waterbury campus. The diverse student body and dedicated professors instilled within me a genuine appreciation for the city of Waterbury. Also, the timeless, beautiful architecture that can be found throughout the city is so interesting to me.

Ask Carah about

What music she’s listening to, the book she’s currently reading, how to organize an amazing spreadsheet and the best beaches on the Cape.

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