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Technology allows nonprofits to reach new audiences, serve more communities, respond to new challenges, and capitalize on opportunities. Unfortunately, technology resources, upgrades and improvements are often difficult to come by for nonprofit organizations:

  • 85% of nonprofits said technology is a key to the success of their organization
  • 45% of nonprofits are substantially challenged in capturing and managing accurate data
  • 22% of nonprofits say that antiquated technologies are a barrier to service delivery

Our approach focuses on

  • Funding the purchase of new or upgraded technology to ensure that nonprofits have the necessary tools and resources to deliver strong programs, take risks, build connections, innovate and iterate.
  • Prioritizing organizations who are addressing disparities within our communities

Efforts we support include:

  • Hardware that builds efficiencies and increases effectiveness within the organization, such as servers and workstations Software that strengthens an organization’s infrastructure, including CRMs, donor databases, data collection, program delivery options, evaluative tools and financial systems
  • Technology that streamlines, supports and improves communication to clients, constituents, stakeholders and donors
  • Assessments and audits to help inform organization’s technology planning
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Technology Support grant proposals are accepted once annually.

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Patrick McKenna
For more information, please contact:
Patrick McKenna, Senior Program Officer, | 203.753.1315, x118