In Their Own Words: Community Services Council of Woodbury

The Community Services Council of Woodbury is best known for managing the Woodbury Food Bank, serving residents on a weekly basis, and providing a home delivery service on Thursdays. In addition, we have an energy-relief program and a crisis assistance program.

Due to the pandemic, we mobilized our food services, offering a home-delivery service.  The town of Woodbury supplied transportation.  We also recruited more volunteers to address the increased need for foodservice among our clients, initiating a pick-up service in which clients could pre-order what they needed from the foodbank and picking up these items.

With support from the COVID-19 Response Fund, the Community Services Council of Woodbury was able to accomplish two things: we were able to invest in various PPE and cleansing materials to help keep staff and clients safe and we were able to purchase additional food to address the increased need for food services.

The funds helped to expand our hours to meet the needs of our clients and to make sure we were able to maintain our services without interruption during the crisis.  You guys helped us a great deal in just making sure that we could maintain our operations without a pause.