Arts and Culture

2021 Approved Grants

$9,500 to support academic-year programming at Waterbury’s Children’s Community School, which includes professional development for teachers, the Metamorphosis Project serving grades 3-8, Writing Workshops for grade 4, and Creative Movement and Yoga for the younger grades PreK – 2nd.

$5,000 to support a Social and Emotional Learning arts integration program at Kingsbury School in Waterbury in Fall 2021.

$7,500 to help the arts sector to readjust and recover from the impact of the COVID pandemic. Efforts this year will focus on making ACC membership whole, while integrating a more focused approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

$5,000 to support the second year of the agency’s strategic plan implementation.

$7,500 to support a Black-led organizational project dedicated to connecting and enriching BIPOC communities through the transformative power of the arts.

$2,500 to expand equity-focused arts and culture to engage the community, building on the interest in art to continue to engage youth with new elements of culture.

$13,000 to offer three of the Mattatuck Museum’s current high-quality art education programs to the Children’s Community School’s kindergarten through seventh graders, while creating a fourth program with eight-grade students. These programs encompass various art techniques and methods.

$7,500 for operational funding to continue offering pandemic resources and free equitable arts and culture programs to the community of NWCT.

$10,000 to offer powerful enrichment and development programs that shape the lives of girls of color, including 120 hours of training in filmmaking, media and production, marketing, public speaking and leadership.

$11,000 for an inter-generational humanities program integrating local history, theatre, music, and art that has evolved since 2013.

$1,500 to support Make Music Day in Waterbury.  MMD is a free, international music celebration in over 1,000 cities and towns throughout the world on June 21st each year.

$5,000 to expand programming to include the use of 3-D printing.

$12,000 for an intensive music education program for underserved students, which uses music as a tool for personal development, community engagement, and social change.

$5,548 to support the first event in a new community series focused on jazz that is scheduled for June. This event aims to engage new audiences, and especially audiences of color in our community, with a new genre of music (jazz) and educational programming.

Building Equitable Opportunity

2021 Approved Grants

$4,000 to promote equitable opportunity for low-income children and youth and BIPOC children/youth by reducing barriers to school attendance, school completion and employability through legal services, as well as work with local and state-level systems to develop systemic reforms to improve opportunities for youth.

$10,000 to resume culinary job training classes which were put on hold at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

$20,000 to provide legal support for family reunification, naturalization, adjustment of status, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals applications and renewals, visas for victims of domestic violence, asylum application/appeals, and removal defense for Waterbury area immigrants.

$15,000 to support an English as a Second Language program operating at the RIBA (River-Baldwin) ASPIRA Center in Waterbury’s South End, in conjunction with a range of services offered at the Center including case management, child care, transportation, and job placement.

$5,531 to support adult immigrants seeking English language literacy. Acquiring effective communication skills in English is key to preparing for employment opportunities that build personal and family economic security.

$5,000 to provide one-to-one mentoring in the Waterbury area between at-risk children/youth, aged 6-18, and volunteer mentors.

$18,000 to provide resources and support to young people in the Naugatuck community at a time when they are driving momentum towards equitable social change.

$30,000 to continue QUEST’s work to address the safety and security of one of our most vulnerable communities, LGBTQ youth. This includes implementing an action plan based on the LGBTQ Youth Needs Assessment, conducting training for organizations and entities in the community, and providing community events/outreach.  QUEST will also establish partnerships with local providers for services such as housing, insurance enrollment, and the development of an emergency response plan to better assist LGBTQ youth in need of shelter, food, clothing, and transportation.

COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Fund

2021 Approved Grants

$50,000 to ensure that funding is available for responsive grants made to support organizations that are continuing to provide basic needs such as food, transportation and housing supports, PPE, and child care.

$10,000 to purchase Chromebooks for families that are engaged in TANF case management services in the Foundation’s region. Clients will be able to use technology for online job training programs and other remote services now being offered by the Connecticut Department of Labor.

$8,170 to purchase laptops and software for the re-entry program located in Waterbury. The purchase will allow for social distancing of clients and staff when conducting intakes, and will allow clients access to technology for job searches.

$8,450 to support staff time and transportation costs related to increasing the number of older adults and Waterbury residents of color who receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Funds will allow Grace Baptist to use existing transportation resources to connect residents to open vaccine sites where they need transportation.

$7,000 to extend case manager and director of operations hours, which will increase the capacity of staff to schedule vaccine appointments at the South End Clinic. Funding will also be used to support transportation to and from the clinic.

$15,000 to create a “Media Center and Library” with internet connected iPads for Naugatuck older adults to check out to stay connected with others virtually and gain access to online programming.

$20,000 to support hiring two new staff who will conduct outreach and engagement for families and individuals applying to the UniteCT Rental Assistance program. Funding will also support an auditing position, which ensures that families with pending applications are able to submit a completed file to the state for review.

$28,500 to work closely with the City of Waterbury’s Mayor’s Office and United Way to conduct a comprehensive landscape analysis and best practice research, facilitate an Advisory Committee, and develop recommendations for a health and human services coordination entity within the City of Waterbury.

$12,000 to support the Alliance’s outreach to performing arts organizations in the Foundation’s region. Consulting will include support from the Yale School of Public Health. Organizations will receive practical advice on how to re-open safely, whether they need equipment or other safety measures to do so, and how social distancing can be maintained in indoor spaces.

$50,000 to support a Waterbury- and Naugatuck-based COVID education and outreach campaign that includes community readiness assessment for nonprofit and community-based organizations, the hiring of a partner support coordinator, a risk-communication visual campaign, and educational town halls in English and Spanish.

Grassroots Leadership

2021 Approved Grants

$3,500 to support gardening and community building activity, the grant will support materials and supplies for the garden and fund the resident-led group to travel to Hartford to meet and learn from the leaders a successful community garden project.

$1,000 to support a youth-led homeless outreach effort where the organization and volunteers will distribute food, clothing and hygiene supplies to individuals experiencing homelessness but who are not connected to local social services.

Health and Environmental Justice

2021 Approved Grants

$10,000 to support direct and indirect costs related to providing Disaster Relief and Disaster Recovery Services in the Foundation’s region.

$10,000 to support a community of food donors and provide fresh produce boxes to those in need. Funding would support the distribution of about 1,000 produce boxes.

$5,623 to collaborate with Neighborhood Housing Services, the Crownbrook Neighborhood Association, and New Morning Market to have students learn about growing plants and food. The program will incorporate the “Edible Schoolyard Project Curriculum” for grades 3, 4 and 5.

$15,000 to continue the evidence- and relationship-based intervention program that enhances attachment security between parents, teachers, caregivers, and children.

$10,000 to continue expanding health education services and to coordinate a series of training with community support and information to Latinx families in Waterbury. The 2021-2022 program will include the dissemination of COVID-19 safety and vaccine information, mental health and grief support, and continue education on Women’s Health issues like Breast Cancer.

$40,000 to improve the Maternal and Infant Health of Black mothers and babies through: care coordination, education and outreach, systems coordination, and, advocacy for and emphasis on culturally appropriate service providers. The Health Partnership will collaborate with Bridge to Success Community Partnership, Women’s Choice Charitable Association, StayWell Health Center, and local hospitals.

$25,000 to provide free and low-cost pregnancy support services, to Black mothers in Waterbury. The founder’s goal is to support other women of color have safe and healthy pregnancies.

Herbst Fund for Eye Research

2021 Approved Grants

$14,708 to support research to determine if incorporation of BITS touch screen technology to inpatient rehabilitation for visual impairments, is more effective than conventional (table top, pen and paper) vision interventions.

Lois Livingston McMillen Fund

2021 Approved Grants

$10,162 to provide Long-Term Services and Rapid Responses, one-time interventions that provide children with information, safety planning, and referral services related to human trafficking.

$10,000 to support the provision of domestic violence, crisis intervention, and long-term services for victims and survivors in 10 towns in the Foundation’s region.

$10,000 to support extended shelter stays for single women between October 2021-mid-April 2022, rather than having women seek shelter with partners who are physically or sexually abusive.

$10,000 to support crisis and support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, transitioning them from crisis and dependency to safety, empowerment, self-sufficiency, and independence.

$10,000 to support the Child Advocacy Center, an evidence-based trauma treatment mental health intervention for child victims ages 7-17.

$7,500 to support services for victims of domestic violence, including emergency shelter, counseling, crisis intervention, victim advocacy services, safety planning and criminal justice/civil legal services in New Milford, Bridgewater, Washington and Roxbury.

Pathways for Older Adults – East Hill Woods Fund

2021 Approved Grants

$25,000 to continue providing evidence-based exercise classes, active older adult classes, and social interaction spaces for seniors in the community to prevent social isolation.

$10,000 to continue providing housekeeping support, transportation to medical appointments and shopping, and some outside tasks and gardening to seniors 60+ living at or below the federal poverty level who live in Litchfield, Goshen, Morris, Roxbury, Warren and Washington.

$11,000 to integrate and expand senior nutrition programs including NOI’s Senior Dine Program with NOI’s CMS system through the use of a customized data bridge.

$11,510 to transition the popular Senior Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Class to an online platform to service seniors in Woodbury, Southbury, and Waterbury who have access to internet.

$2,500 to build a network of volunteers in the Greater Waterbury area who can provide older adults (age 70+) and physically disabled residents (age 18+ with permanent or temporary disability) with home-based help such as household tasks, yard work, local transportation, and/or companionship visits, at no charge.

$9,570 to continue supporting weekly classes on Yoga4Change’s evidence-based chair yoga program, provided in partnership with agencies currently serving seniors in Waterbury and Wolcott.

$800 to fund Mileage Reimbursement line item for La Casa Bienvenida Staff to travel into the community and visit participants in their homes and/or take them on an errand or appointment.

Saunders Fund for the Sick and Infirm of Naugatuck

2021 Approved Grants

$7,500 to increase the amount of nutritious food – such as fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy items, and whole grains – made available to underserved households in Naugatuck.

$5,000 to support the Center for Better Hearing, which provides high-quality audiology care for low-income children and adults.

$20,000 (out of $50,000 requested) to use equine assisted therapies to encourage children, adolescents and adults to succeed, and to support individuals struggling with physical, developmental and emotional challenges who need help becoming more self-sufficient and empowered. Note: Funds should only be used to support financial aid for Naugatuck residents.

$30,000 (out of $36,942 requested) to continue to provide afternoon medical transportation to Naugatuck residents, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that Naugatuck’s older adults can maintain independence and dignity at home for as long as possible.

$10,000 (out of $15,000 requested) to provide Livestrong, an evidence-based program, for adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

$30,000 to build a team of instructors that will engage teens in recognizing the warning signs of various mental health crises, including how to provide support to other teens and how to identify and seek help from a supportive adult.

$22,500 to continue support of direct services, in-school psych-educational and therapeutic groups, individual supportive counseling and consultation for Naugatuck High School and City Hill Middle School students during 2021-2022 school year.

Southbury Community Trust Fund

2021 Approved Grants

$5,000 to provide an all-night celebration for graduating seniors that is a safe alcohol and drug-free environment.

$13,000 to support activities in S.M.A.R.T., Inc’s key areas of focus which are: Local Prevention Council, Parent University and Community/School based initiatives and resource.

$5,000 to hire a part-time staff member to focus efforts on building partnerships with human services agencies and faith communities in the Southbury area.

$3,000 to distribute a grief program, “The Healing Chickadee”, to Southbury children who have experienced loss in coordination with the town, school officials, Tribury Chamber, and child care providers.

$6,000 to support the costs associated with fostering and adopting older cats to seniors (all expenses are covered including medical insurance for the cat).

Strengthening Nonprofits

2021 Approved Grants

$10,000 to support working with a consultant on the financial forecasting of three possible future locations for the school.

$5,000 to fund an upgrade of the organization’s current website, allowing for greater functionality and accessibility.

$11,731 to fund a full curriculum of professional development opportunities for staff, including bias and DEI training. Topics were generated by a thorough process that included staff surveys and discussion sessions.

$2,100 to fund Latinx outreach materials and resources to increase membership diversity. Support will be used for targeted social media outreach in Waterbury.

$4,000 to purchase laptop computers to be used by both staff and program participants.

$7,600 to support the creation of a new strategic plan for the organization.

$4,569 to purchase new laptops for the shelter. Computers will be used by clients as well as case managers, allowing for more privacy during in-take.

Women’s Fund

2021 Approved Grants

$4,348 to support 800 girls to participate in an afterschool Girl Scout experiences from September 2020- June 2021 at three Waterbury elementary schools.

$9,000 to continue support of a Latino youth leadership and empowerment program, that provides positive health messages, promotes the development of self-esteem, advocacy and leadership skills in Latinas ages 9 to 14.

$9,000 to provide a safe environment for powerful enrichment and development programs that shape the lives of girls of color and to continue to provide training in youth advocacy and cover topics that provide character-building skills.

$8,000 to provide free and low-cost pregnancy support services, especially for Black mothers who live in Waterbury.

Women’s Giving Circle

2021 Approved Grants

$5,000 to support it’s 2021 Entrepreneurial Academy which will equip twenty girls in the Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills region with business, leadership, college and career success.

$5,000 for its Young Representatives of the Waterbury program, which is geared to Latina high school students in the city. Participants will learn leadership and civic engagement skills to make a change in their community.

$5,000 to support its Women of Color Empowerment Collective. The program will enroll fifteen women of color to focus on leadership and college graduation.

$5,000 to support its Leadership Academy Summer Exchange Program. The grant will support additional summer activities for girls participating in the Save Girls on F.Y.E.R. Leadership Academy.

$5,000 for support of its Community Doula Project. The grant will enable the organization to provide free doulas to women of color who are birthing in Waterbury and who face financial challenges. This program will work alongside prenatal care provided by local hospitals and obstetrician offices.

$1,000 for general operating support.

$1,000 for general operating support.