Featured Women’s Giving Circle Member – Crystal Weed

What made me join the Women’s Giving Circle?
My first exposure to the Women’s Giving Circle was as a plus one at a brunch that the circle hosted. I was moved by those who spoke that day, and I was also moved by the sense of community that I felt. I’ve never seen women come together like that. I joined because I could see all of the good that the Women’s Giving Circle was doing and would continue to do in the future. I joined because I liked being surrounded by women who cared about many of the same issues that I did. I also felt welcomed by all those I came into contact with that day (and at subsequent events).

What would you say to someone interested in joining the Circle?
Join! It will be one of the best things that they can do to help women and girls in our community. What’s more, we can “see” the difference that our contributions are making in the lives of women and girls through the grants that are distributed. The Circle has also made it very easy and affordable to join from a financial standpoint. Some other benefits of joining the circle are meeting new people, being part of a community, and attending educational events which promotes personal growth. Another benefit, is that as a Circle member, you can be as involved as you want to be. For example, there may be some years where you can be heavily involved based on your availability, while another year you can make your annual contribution, but are not able to attend all of the events. Both scenarios are okay. All are welcome in the Circle.

How has your experience been working with Connecticut Community Foundation?
Excellent. I am looking forward to when we return to in person events/meetings. I’m less of a Zoom/Online person.

What inspires you most about the Circle?
The Circle itself is inspiring. Smart, talented, passionate, focused, busy, successful women came together to form an organization to help women and children in the community. They inspired women in the community to join together with them to help others. What I also think is inspiring and is just absolutely lovely is that they have attracted and continue to attract women from different age groups. I love being in the presence of all of that combined wisdom.

When did you become passionate about advancing opportunities for women and girls (was there a key moment)?
Yes, definitely. I was attending a local college in NH, and my major was in Criminal Justice. I had two wonderful teachers that stand out in my mind; one was nudging me in the direction of Law and the other was guiding me into police work. I was also searching for a part-time job at the time and came across an ad in the paper for a position as a Child Advocate. There was just something in that job description that made me realize that I wanted to work with people in a different way. A few years after that, I was working with young children at a Crisis shelter in CT, and my experiences there influenced my pursuit of further education.

Pls tell us a little about your professional experience, hobbies, interests and personal anecdotes (if you are willing to share).
I’m a social services meets corporate America kind of person. I have worked for organizations such as GE and Hitachi Capital and I am currently employed managing a legal department in NY. I have a Masters Degree in Human Services; Clinical Counseling and am a LPC-A in the State of CT. Hobbies/interests would definitely be traveling, writing, research, reading, gardening, walking (love White Memorial in Litchfield), and volunteering. Prior to COVID, I volunteered at Hospice, Homeless Shelters, Crisis Shelters, was on the Board of Directors for an animal rescue, and taught ESL to adult women in Waterbury through Literacy Volunteers of Greater Waterbury.