Mental Health Food Delivery

In Their Own Words: Mental Health Connecticut

Mental Health Connecticut is a recovery resource center that provides services to adults with mental health conditions.  We provide daily outreach calls, counseling, case management, daily and experiential workshops, and a meal delivery program.

In March of 2020, we had to move to remote services.  Our grant of $8,000 was a blessing because we were able to provide fresh produce and healthier meal options, delivering about 400 meals each week.  I imagine, without the grant, the number of meals we were able to serve would have been considerably fewer and less nutritious.

Food delivery was also about more than nutrition.  We could connect with our members during a time of so much social disconnect.  People associate food with love and community.  The deliveries let our members to know that we were still here, that we still thought about them, and we were going to make sure we took care of them—that, essentially, they are loved.