Dr. Becky Eleck is a family physician and medical director at Wheeler Health in Waterbury. Becky also serves on Connecticut Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees. She lives in Middlebury, has spent most of her career working in community health, and has been a member of the Giving Circle since 2019. We spoke with Becky recently about her interest in the Circle.
When did you become passionate about advancing opportunities for women and girls (was there a key moment)? Having worked in Haiti, Guatemala, and Honduras and with various nonprofits locally, I am disheartened at how vulnerable women and girls are in every society while I simultaneously stand in awe of how effective and transformational women and girls can be when they’re empowered and supported.

What made you join the Women’s Giving Circle? Simply put, a personal invitation.  A neighbor who has become a friend invited me to a book club discussion.  I was really impressed by the group and their/our commitment to supporting women and girls locally.

How has your experience been working with Connecticut Community Foundation? I’ve been a part of the Healthy Communities committee (now the Health and Environmental Justice committee) for a number of years now, and I love seeing the grant proposals that are coming out of our immediate community.  Waterbury and the surrounding areas have some fabulous nonprofits that are doing great work, and being able to support that through the Foundation is really rewarding.

What inspires you most about the Circle? Hearing from our Grantees at our recent meeting was great!  I’m so inspired by their commitment to justice and equity in our community.

What would you say to someone interested in joining the Circle. The Women’s Giving Circle is so impressive in how it supports women and girls–our future leaders–in our community.