The Foundation is proud to provide grant support for the LIVESTRONG Program offered at the Greater Waterbury YMCA. This free program is designed to help cancer patients regain the strength that is often lost during cancer treatments.

“Radiation and chemotherapy not only take a tremendous toll on the body, but also seriously affect a patient’s emotional well-being. LIVESTRONG helps restore a sense of normalcy and provides a supportive environment and structure needed to become healthy again,” comments Meghan Lennon, health and wellness program specialist at the YMCA. “The program focuses on regaining strength and energy, increasing flexibility and endurance, improving balance, reducing the severity of the therapy side effects, and helping participants develop their own fitness program so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

LIVESTRONG classes meet twice a week for a total of 12 weeks and incorporate strength training along with other classes such as yoga, Tai Chi, and aerobics. Participants also receive a free YMCA membership to allow them to take advantage of additional classes outside of their sessions.

Since the program began in 2012, 150 participants have graduated from LIVESTRONG at the YMCA and have made significant progress.

“We repeat the original assessment at the end of the program and I am thrilled that we have seen improvements in all areas for each participant. As well, many continue the social relationships they make with their peer survivors and many graduates remain active members at the YMCA,” adds Lennon. Helping cancer patients create a healthy lifestyle and restore a sense of normalcy to their lives – Timeless Impact.