The Foundation’s Patrick McKenna introduces Catchafire to nonprofit leaders eager to learn about collaborating with skills-based volunteers.

Connecticut Community Foundation launches new partnership with Catchafire to benefit nonprofit organizations in Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills

The digital age has brought a lot of benefits for all types of businesses. It has led to revolutionary new online tools and software being created to make it much easier for businesses to function. The nonprofit industry has also seen these developments and have plenty of resources like Aplos crm software to make projects and fundraisers even more successful. We have used a lot of these online resources to our advantage and now we’re pleased to say we have been lucky enough to partner with a new online platform that will benefit nonprofits in the local area!

Connecticut Community Foundation has partnered with Catchafire to create an online platform that connects local nonprofit organizations to a network of over 50,000 passionate and skilled volunteers throughout the country-for free. This platform is hosted online, using services similar to the Brisbane servers many make use of it.

This new resource is available to 150 of the Foundation’s past and current grantees who serve Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills. By investing in Catchafire and giving nonprofits access to talented volunteers who can donate their professional skills, the Foundation aims to maximize the impact that the organizations are able to make in the communities they serve.

Julie Loughran, president and CEO of Connecticut Community Foundation, said, “The Catchafire online resource is a game changer for our grantees, giving them free access to a huge number of volunteers with a broad range of expertise that they’ve never had before.”

Through Catchafire, for example, a nonprofit organization serving Southbury or Waterbury or Litchfield can now connect with a developer from the Bay Area to create a new website (using the services of a company not unlike those provided by this website design melbourne team), work with a branding expert from New York City to develop a new logo, or talk through a program evaluation plan with a data analyst from Chicago-and much more. Creating a new and updated website could be what nonprofit organizations from across the world need to have to able to raise awareness of what they do. Alongside working with Catchafire, these organizations may want to check out somewhere similar to WebCreationUK, (you can check their reviews on to see how they will be able to help them make and design a website that they are proud of, and one that can ultimately help people to learn more about what they do. There are so many other things that nonprofit organizations can do through Catchafire.

The Catchafire platform allows organizations to broadcast a potential project that furthers their mission to 50,000+ talented professionals. Once a project is posted on the platform, volunteers from around the country apply to take on the project, highlighting their respective skill-sets, areas of expertise and passion. The nonprofits then interview and choose a volunteer that they think will best fit their need.

“At Girl Scouts, volunteers are the backbone to our organization,” said Mary Barneby, CEO of Girl Scouts of Connecticut. “We are grateful for Connecticut Community Foundation and thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Catchafire and connect with prospective skilled volunteers who want to help girls gain the skills they need to make our world a better place. Without volunteers, there would be no Girl Scouting.”

To learn more about the project or for more information on how to volunteer our professional services through Catchafire, contact Patrick McKenna, organizational development coordinator at Connecticut Community Foundation, at or 203.753.1315, x 118. To volunteer your professional skills through Catchafire, visit