The Mother’s Fund, established by Emily and Eric Anderson

“When we started the fund, we didn’t have a lot of money. But, we wanted to support the dreams of students who wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford to. Even a small fund like ours can make a difference in someone’s life.” —EMILY ANDERSON, WOODBURY

To find inspiration, Eric and Emily Anderson needed only to look to their mothers.

Emily’s mother, Irene Frantzis, was part of the Frantzis family that owns Quassy Amusement Park and Waterpark in Middlebury, Connecticut. She had always loved to write and started pursuing a degree in English, but her studies were cut short when she became seriously ill.

Eric’s mom, Joan Anderson, loved nothing more than bringing her five children and grandchildren together for holidays and special occasions. Each woman had a strong positive influence on her family, and Emily and Eric admired their deep devotion to their children. Though neither mother had the chance to earn a college degree, they wanted their children to attend college.

As a tribute to Irene and Joan, the Andersons created a scholarship fund at Connecticut Community Foundation called The Mothers Fund, which provides financial help to college students in our region who are pursuing degrees in English, literature or journalism.

Emily and Eric like the Foundation’s long-term, holistic view of the community and its needs, and that’s what drew them to creating their fund. Emily said, “Our tribute to our mothers is in good hands with the Foundation. They take care of the fund with the same level of caring and concern as our mothers took care of our families.”