Alex’s Helping Hands Fund

“All children deserve a chance to access the therapeutic services they need to achieve their greatest potential. Their family’s financial status shouldn’t keep kids from accessing early interventions.” —SAMANTHA NOBILE, SOUTHBURY

Samantha and Rob Nobile’s daughter Alex was born with a rare genetic condition that will cause lifelong challenges including developmental delays and neurological issues. Doctors were not optimistic about Alex’s chances of walking and were unsure of how she would progress developmentally.

With the help of an abundance of physical, occupational, speech,aquatic and equine therapies, Alex started walking at age three and continues to progress physically and developmentally.

Samantha and Rob are confident that the outlook would be much different if they were not able to provide Alex access to these vital therapy services. They know they are among the lucky ones.

Because the therapies are costly and not affordable for many families, they are dedicated to the idea that all children should be able to get the help they need no matter their financial situation. Samantha and Rob created Alex’s Helping Hands Fund to raise money for agencies that provide therapies for children with special needs— at low or no cost.

Photo by J. Castro Photography