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Legacy Giving FAQs

What are some resources I can use to help me with my Legacy planning?

Our Legacy planning resources assist you in navigating the complexities and opportunities to give legacy gifts to the Foundation to benefit the community not just today, but years, decades and generations from now.


Who is this for?

Forward-thinking, thoughtful people who want to make a difference and leave a meaningful legacy for future generations. It is a great way to continue a connection you may already have with an organization or special cause.


Why should I leave a gift in my will?

Imagine the far-reaching impact a gift through your will could have on the causes and issues that mean the most to you. There’s no better way to ensure that the charitable giving you started in your lifetime continues on – and that your own personal mission is being met forever.


Why through the Foundation?

Many people choose to create legacy gift funds with Connecticut Community Foundation because they feel a strong tie and commitment to the area they call home. They recognize the Foundation’s proven track record in charitable giving and you can be sure your meaningful gift will be used to make a powerful impact in the area you designate.


I plan to leave my estate to my family. Can I also leave some to charity?

Yes! You can leave 100% of the dollars you wish to your heirs, and also include a percentage to the charities you care about. By doing so, you will leave a legacy of caring and commitment long into the future.


Do I have enough to leave a bequest?

Many people are surprised to learn that including a bequest in their will costs them nothing during their lifetime. You can leave a bequest in any amount. The Foundation can also receive a variety of assets such as stock, coin collections, houses, and antiques. Or you can name the Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA or investment account.


What are the benefits of estate gifts?

The benefits are many! Here are just a few:

  • Satisfaction knowing that you are helping to sustain the causes and organizations that mean the most to you.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your philanthropic dreams are being fulfilled by a trusted steward like the Foundation.
  • Confidence that you have access to a team of philanthropic professionals who can help you navigate your legacy giving.


How does it work?

Creating a legacy gift can be as easy as adding a sentence to your will. A member of our team will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your specific goals and charitable priorities and will walk you through the process, step by step.  


How do I find organizations or causes that match my interests?

We can help you tap into your passions, share helpful resources and locate impactful organizations that align with the things you care most about.


What if I change my mind later?

You can revisit your legacy giving plans at any time should your interests or financial circumstances change.


Why do you call it the Legacy Giving?

Since 1923, generous, community-minded people like you have made legacy gifts to the Foundation. One hundred years later – and long after these donors have passed – we are still honoring their intentions and making annual grants to the causes they specified. We hope that this campaign will spur a new generation of giving to address the future needs of our community.


Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, we know that estate planning is highly personal in nature. We will respect your wishes for anonymity.


How do my advisors fit in?

They’re part of the team. The Foundation welcomes the participation of financial advisors, investment and wealth managers, attorneys and other trusted voices. Often, donors are referred to us by their advisors because they understand the value Connecticut Community Foundation brings to the table.

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