Our Donors are Changing Lives: Meet Two Terrific Scholarship Recipients

We’ve awarded $920,000 in scholarships supporting over 400 local students for the 2016-17 academic year! Over decades, individuals and organizations of all types have created more than 130 funds at Connecticut Community Foundation for these scholarships– extraordinary generosity that has helped make college education affordable for so many worthy students.

We thought you’d love to meet two scholarship recipients, Jessica Hicks of Southbury and Brian Luis of Waterbury, and marvel (as we did!) at their resourcefulness, ambition, and aspirations.

Know that there are countless other student success stories thanks to scholarships funds at the Foundation established by people like you. You can proudly share in those successes!


Jessica Hicks: An Aspiring Journalist on Her Way Up

As a child, Jessica Hicks felt the harsh glare of the news media, and she was scared.

While family members struggled with substance abuse, some of her private pain was dragged into public view.

In time, Jessica was moved to the care of her grandparents in Southbury, and in the safety of her new community her perspective changed.

“I realized at that point that writing was something I wanted to do,” she said. “At first I thought that journalists were out to expose me and intrude on us. But I came to realize the important role they play in trying to bring to light issues that need to be talked about.”

Now a journalism and communications major at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, Jessica has embraced the small, close-knit, student body and faculty who have nurtured her passion for “getting to the core of things” through reporting.

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Brian Luis Aims to Design Prosthetic Limbs

Teenage Brian Luis of Waterbury had never met his young cousin, Daniel, but on a family trip to the Dominican Republic, the 8-year old profoundly changed the course of Brian’s life.

Daniel’s right leg was amputated as a baby, and, unlike most children in the United States with similar conditions, he did not have access to a prosthetic leg. With his mobility so limited, each day was fraught with falls and frustration in his attempts to navigate home, school, and play.

Moved by his cousin’s daily struggles and inspired by advances in 3-D technology, Brian resolved to pursue a career in biomechanics to learn the skills to design prosthetic limbs for children like Daniel.

“I knew I wanted to affect people in those circumstances,” Brian said. “A goal of mine is to help people in developing countries by giving them access to prostheses so they can move more naturally.”

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To learn more about establishing a scholarship fund or making a contribution to an existing fund, please contact Julie Loughran at 203-753-1315 or jloughran@conncf.org.

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