Let’s Build Tomorrow Together

Ron Garfunkel and Sande Breakstone

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 

Winston Churchill may have said it first, but Ron Garfunkel has adopted these words as his personal philosophy. Ron has always been a giver. Early in his career, he gave what he could to the organizations whose work spoke to him. As his success in business grew, he gave more and more, and the list of organizations he is able to support has expanded. “I’m very fortunate at this point in my life to have the resources to give back in a way that provides impact long into the future.” 

When his father died, Ron recognized that as much as one might give during their lifetime, there are often far more assets held in people’s estates when they pass on—assets that can be used not only to give more, but also to give for years to come. 

Ron talked to his mother about using her individual retirement account (IRA) assets for charitable giving. She agreed, and after she passed away he established a donor-advised fund through Connecticut Community Foundation, which has enabled him to give more than ever to the many organizations with which he has long-standing relationships and close connections. 

Not content with all he has done already, Ron plans to give still more after his lifetime through a permanent fund at the Foundation that will be funded through estate assets. That fund will be unrestricted, meaning Ron trusts the Foundation to deploy the fund’s resources wherever they are most needed in the community for generations to come. 


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